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Yes, your teen is crazy!

Off to another school year! This year is bittersweet, Tay’s senior year. I honestly thought it would never come. Well, it was more of a hope instead of a thought. Here we are though, last year before my baby girl moves out, heads to college, independent and free to explore the world. I titled this post after a book that truly helped me during Tay’s adolescent years. I feel that so many of us, parents with teens, spend our time in reaction mood to something our teens do or say. I know I certainly did. This book however, helped me realize that our kids are not so unique as we think and once you learn about the way their brains are wired and that this “craziness” is only a phase, parenting becomes less of a battle. Once you have the tools to get your teen and family through this rough part in every child’s life, your family can once again live in harmony, enjoying each other. I marked a lot of passages in this book and referred to them often. I feel that once you have a manual essentially, you can make informed decisions as opposed to lashing out when your teen says something off color. I feel that it’s important to talk with them, rationally, like an adult. This wasn’t easy to come by though, Tay and I butted heads for years while she was trying to exert her independence and take on more responsibilities, I was, well, basically ‘smothering’ her. I took to reading parenting books, honestly because I was scared of losing her. Yea, it got that bad. But thankfully reading about this struggle that most parents go through was extremely helpful and comforting. I was able to learn how to better communicate with her and her with me. It was and still is a work in progress. The take away- it’s important to understand and grow as your child does. Don’t take them getting older as a betrayal to you. You’ll both be just fine, relax and know – Yes, your teen is crazy! LOL. Happy first week of school!


A Fashion fiend

blazer – Michael Kors

top – Nordstrom Rack

denim – Target

oxfords – Zara

on Tay

top – JV senior shirt

denim – American Eagle

shoes – Birkenstocks

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