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Anyone else remember reading Beowulf in high school? Well thanks to Tay’s AP English class, I recently read it again. I always try and read the books or in this case, poem, that Tay gets assigned in class. It makes for a better discussion if she asks me questions. Its always good if I have a current knowledge of the material so I don’t look like a dummy. I used to be able to make things up when she was younger but that all ended once she started taking advanced classes and needed actual comprehension of the work. It’s a good thing I like reading or these past few years would have been painfully dull filled with the classic written word that these teachers still assign. It’s really interesting that the materials are still either the same or really similar to the stuff I was assigned back in the day. Hummm, I don’t know if thats a good or bad thing.

Now on to the clothes, so it’s hot and humid in this city and summer lasts until mid September so breathable fabrics are key. I actually found this top back in March for TayTay’s bday dinner and it’s perfect because it’s basically see through lace embroidery. I’ve worn this top with both high waisted flares and like in this post, skinnies. It’s slightly cropped so the high waist on the pants keeps my mom wardrobe in check and I’m not hangin belly. Tay’s top is also a little crop with the cutest floral print as we head into the fall. Her whole outfit was part of her back to school haul that went surprisingly well; aside from a phone call by a disgruntled guidance counselor. Long story short the lady tried to change up Tay’s schedule for no good reason a week before school was scheduled to start (ummm, no). Anywho, the 90’s influence on the styles this year are absolutely hilarious to me considering they were just the clothes I wore growing up. Now Tay refers to them as being ‘back in style’ and it makes me feel old. Either way I’m loving the trend and seeing it on Tay.

A Fashion Fiend

top – Zara

denim – Abercrombie & Fitch

mules – Amazon Fashion

watch – Vintage Gucci

belt – Steve Madden

on Tay

top – Hollister

denim – American Eagle

shoes – Birkenstocks


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