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Off the shoulder is my second favorite style only to bell sleeves. It just looks so damn chic. It’s such a flattering but not too revealing look. We scored this little gem while cruising the baby section of Target. Someone had just plopped it down! Well lucky us cuz it fit Tay like a glove. I also always feel like super hero in this top. It’s so long, it feels like a cape 🙂 add sky high wedges and I get bossier than usual.

Tay usually just laughs off my attempts to order her around. After one week of senior year down, Tay is really showing me how ready for college this little girl is. I feel like I’ve been trying to get ready for her total independence but I swear, every time she does something without being asked, makes her own lunch, runs errands, etc, it’s like a shot to my heart. (S)mothering is a hard role and I think I got used to doing everything I could for her. I learned to love it. So stepping back and having my own free time is new territory for me. I’m still trying to get used to it. I became a mother at such a young age, I feel like I kind of grew up and into this position. Now having to step back and do less is making me unsure of myself and my role. I love that Taylor is confident enough to push back and question authority, I’m really proud that the values J and I raised her with; stuck. I think it’s because they are our true, core beliefs as well. We wanted her to know that no matter what, it’s good to ask if you’re not sure, study for clarification, and don’t be a sheep. I learned as a young Mom that they’re are no easy routes, work hard at whatever you do, find your truth and lean way the fuck into who you already are. ~@hhavrilesky

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A Fashion Fiend

top – SheIn

denim – Express

wedges – Nordstrom Rack

on Tay

top – Target

denim – American Eagle(also see here)

wedges – Agaci

necklace – Kendra Scott (also worn here)

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