Mixed Chicks with a Wicked Sense of style

Catherine and her daughter, Taylor, are Arizona girls that started A Fashion Fiend when they had to move to Houston for a few years from their home in the Valley of the Sun.

A Fashion Fiend (Catherine) –  Fashion enthusiast, and former teen Mom.  Catherine studied biology at Arizona State University and loves horseback riding, dogs, coffee, reading and sushi. Tay is her main hang and she comes here to vent about parenting and also the overwhelming joys of it. We wear pretty cute outfits too 🙂

Taylor –  Probably the dopest kid around. Unconditionally kind and smart. Jake & Catherine’s daughter; a high school senior with an optimistic view on life. Taylor is a swimmer and avid piano player. She loves piercings, music and hanging with her friends 🙂 Taylor enjoys the simple things and is always there to lend an ear or helping hand. Taylor has a generous heart and is always looking at the silver lining. TayTay is college bound, fall 2018.

Not many people can say they are the best thing to happen to someone. Tay can. #afashionfiendteen

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