Team Straight Teeth


As a Mom I am always promoting good dental hygiene, not only to to save myself a pretty penny but to instill to practices into Tay that will benefit her throughout her lifetime. I always try and be proactive about long term life lessons. Like how painful cavaties and crowns are. Dental hygiene is a big one.As a baby nd toddler i did the brushing for Tay. As she grew older, I carefully watched as she learned to brush and floss herself so I may guide her if she was slacking or missing spots. Good work has come to fruition because Tay has no cavaties! And does not need braces! I was really nervous about crooked teeth because TayTay sucked her thumb as a child. Lucky again because it had no negative affect on the shape of her mouth and her teeth grew in straight as an arrow!! Lucky Mom here!! Clearly Tay gets her awesome teeth from me, I never had braces either. But I can’t stress enough as parents, the benfit of teaching your kids early and often. Preventative care is much less hassle and costly then trying to fix something where the damage has already been done. Ya live and ya learn.

In the case of TayTay, I was meticulous about mouth wash, brushing and flossing. You can’t get a better habit than good oral hygiene. Many stores have fun kid friendly toothpaste flavors and even toothbrushes that play your kids favorite tunes while counting the 2 minutes needed to throughly brush. I had also read in a childcare book that children were often afraid of the dentist and unable to hold still well resulting in having to be sedated for even simple procedures like cleanings. Therefore I exposed Taylor early and often, never missing a 6month check up or cleaning. And it worked! 17 years later, Tay can drive herself to her dental cleanings  and has no fear or anxiety about going.

Team straight was developed from a joke between my sis, Mootz and I but has evolved into a key lifestyle choice. To maintain good oral health and hygiene in order to keep our beautiful smile. I even started looking into natural whitening products and honestly, oil pulling is what’s up! It’s easy and most importantly, cheap! I can use a $13, 16oz jar of organic coconut oil for 6 weeks! That’s a fraction of Crest white strips or bleaching at your dental office! I incorporated it into my morning routine but you can basically fit it in your life anytime you don’t have to talk for 20 minutes. I do it regularly Mon-Fri and my teeth are pearly and strong. All you have to do is take a teaspoon of the oil in your mouth and swish for 20 mins. That’s it! So whatcha think?! Give it a try! All you have to loose are dingy, yellow teeth!

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