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JORD Watches

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!! I don’t know about you but we hit Black Friday and Cyber Monday hard with the presents this year. Online shopping has made it so freaking easy for Big Daddy and I to get Christmas presents. The only snag my family ever runs into is figuring out what to buy everyone! This year my Mom specifically asked for a stylish, big faced watch.

Tay and I were jumping for joy when we got to pick 2 styles of the unique, wood watches from Jord. Not only were we extremely impressed with the styles they had to choose from, but also the quality of each piece. Jord pulls out all the stops when handling their clients starting with the ruler they have you print out s you are able to measure your wrist in order to get the best fit. Once our watches arrived, we were immediately blown away with the details of the packaging. Even the shipping box was strong and sleek. The watch box: is ventilated, and the top of the box is etched so the lid fits perfectly. Close to the bottom of the box there is a little drawer that includes the humidity pack to keep your wood watch beautiful and to prevent it from weathering.

The watches!!! Tay ordered the Frankie series in ebony. It has a bigger face and its colored sapphire crystal glass. Tay was worried that a watch would look too big on her tiny wrist but is now a huge fan and promoter of watches thanks to JORD. Because they customize you watch to your size, you never have to worry about the common problem of your watch slipping out out place or flopping around. Now Tay is sporting her JORD everywhere she goes 🙂

I chose the Cassia series in Ebony and Sable . I loved the thinner band even though it still had a nice sized face. My watch can easily be dressed up and I have been getting so many compliments at the office when I wear it. The next one we get will most likely be in one of the lighter colors so we can see the full grain detail of the watches.

Either way we have so many great JORD watches to chose from  for MomMom this year. Watches make amazing gifts and we so beyond happy that we were able to try it before we buy it in order to really get MomMom a gift she will love and cherish.

I also recommend lemon or orange oil to clean you watch and you can always check out for new styles and ways to care for your watch.

We highly recommend JORD watches for your loved ones this holiday season. Please click here for 25%off through 12/15 to ease your holiday shopping this year!

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