Clarin’s Beauty Event

Clarins is a cosmetics company founded in 1954 by a medical student. Since then, Clarins has held true to the highest standards of production, using raw materials, this company is socially responsible, making product that is incredibly good for your skin. Myself and a few select bloggers were invited to Clarin’s Beauty event last week […]

Product Review: Fysiko Lash Serum

I was asked by The Influster Team back in April if I would test a new lash serum. Considering I have very straight, short lashes that point down, I jumped at the chance to test a product that was designed to stimulate lash growth for longer, fuller lashes. I received my tube in May and […]

My Favorite Things: Drugstore Edition

Products I’m loving right now that won’t break the bank. 1. 3% hydrogen peroxide – is there anything this stuff can’t do? I use it primarily as a mouthwash to whiten my teeth. You would never know about my coffee and red wine addiction! The beauty is that peroxide is the main ingredient in those […]