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Happy February, it’s already in the 80’s in this humid city and I’m dressing us in as much cotton as I can to avoid any awkward sweat marks and looking hella dumb. Now even though we are living in HTX for the time being, I shop local every time I’m in AZ. I’m what you call an extremely loyal patron. My top comes from a an AZ designer that actually started out making belts back in the early 2000’s and since has created a an awesome line of tees mostly based on books. This dude is freaking awesome and it comes through in his unique and creative designs.

Tay’s top comes from a super cute boutique in Phoenix called Vida Moulin. This shop incorporates beach style fashion which is literally how I’d describe TayTay’s preferred way of dressing. Casual, feminine, and relaxed. And as you know, we basically love anything with cacti or desert themed.

Cheers to the freakin weekend.

A Fashion Fiend

top – Miles To Go

boots – Target

on Tay

top – Vida Moulin

jeans – Gap

sandals – Ancient Greek

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