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Hello 2017! Missed you guys! 2016 ended on a crazy high note, we were so extremely busy and ended the holiday season in our hometown in AZ! I had a two major projects the last 2 months of the year, one in real estate and the other for Chanel!! It was the most amazing job experience I have ever had and although it was a contract position, I learned so much and enjoyed it more than words can express. Tay crushed it and had high enough grades to exempt 3 of her finals! So, she didn’t have to go to school her last 2 days of the semester!! Working hard during the semester really paid off. It was great being around family and friends and this year we were lucky enough to have my mother in law visit us from Portland! Arizona’s weather in December was perfect as usual and we were able to bring our 2 big dogs. Great way to end the year and set us up for an extremely productive 2017. I hope you all are going strong with your resolutions and keep up the good work!


A Fashion Fiend

top & skirt – Zara

knee high socks – Carven

boots – BCBG

on Tay

top & jeans – Hollister

boots – DuO

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