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Subliminal: How Your Unconscious Mind Rules Your Behavior

Here comes the cool weather! November has started off as an amazing month with the Houston Astros winning the World Series 2017 and us getting ready for Thanksgiving in AZ for an entire week! I can’t wait to get home for a break, we haven’t been to the desert for a visit since early this summer and I am sooo ready. HTX has been great for moral and uniting but my heart will forever be in AZ. it’s where I grew up, had Tay, went to college, fell in love. It’s the place with my best memories and still where my family lives. Home is where your heart is.

So I’ve noticed lately that all the mommy bloggers have little kids and while that is super cute and exciting; it’s funny to me because they just don’t know what’s in store or what’s to come. I laugh because some of these moms seem to complain and whine a lot about all the mom stuff we have to do or the crying toddler that won’t go to sleep. So funny. I never really had those days, I guess. Not because Taylor was a sweetie pie (she definitely had her moments) but because I just looked at everything we did together and the time I had with her as cherished time. Lots of parents have to work full time, and carry a household, a lot of times even other children but I was young and only had Tay to think about. I think this cemented my bond with her, I never have ever had to put anything before her. While I consider myself extremely lucky, I think at times I shorted myself because I internalized every decision and thought I made for and about Tay. I stress myself beyond belief still when J ad I make permanent decisions/ rules. The teenage years have been challenging but truly, I couldn’t have had a better partner through it all. Oh a more precious gift to worry about. I’m not good at much, but I’ll be good to you.

A Fashion Fiend

dress – Zara

heels – Nordstrom Rack

watch – Jord

bracelets – Nordstrom Rack

glasses – Tom Ford

on Tay

top – Abercrombie & Fitch

skirt – Q

knee high boots – DSW

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