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So sorry I have been MIA! I started an awesome new job, and training has been taking up all of my time! On top of that, I have been attending events on the weekends so free time is non-existent! If you are in the Houston area, try to come out to this event tomorrow night! Contact me for discounts for dress rentals from newforthenight.com!!!


Prabal Gurung for Target


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Sunday, February 10th, Prabal Gurung released their much anticipated line in Target stores nationwide. The launch was closely watched as Target’s last collaboration back in December, with luxury brand Neiman Marcus, was a total failure resulting in many sad and disappointed Target and Neiman Marcus shoppers.

The line was way too expensive for avid Target shoppers and seemingly too dressy. It was quickly ushered to the clearance racks and then removed from stores.

Nevertheless, Target learned their lesson, and I’m happy to say I’m very pleased with the job they did with Prabal Gurung. Not only are the pieces on par with the clothing prices at Target, but the line’s romantic feel with floral patterns, bright pastel colors, and flowy dresses are perfect for Valentine’s Day and the Spring.

I was sad to see that so many pieces at my local Target were already taken or not in my size, but I managed to pick up the long sleeve tee. It’s still chilly and rainy here in Houston, so the long sleeves are prefect. The fit is awesome and the material is so soft. A lot of the pieces can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

All-in-all, Prabal Gurung collection at Target is a hit!

Happy Valentine’s Day and a Movie Review


Dress- Banana Republic, Shoes- ALDO
Dress- Banana Republic, Shoes- ALDO

Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope it’s lovely!

Safe Haven


Safe Haven opens today, Valentine’s Day! It’s a perfect date movie: it’s a love story (duh) but, honestly, not too sappy. A girl with a troubled past moves to a small town and is wooed by a fun-loving widower played by Josh Duhamel. The story line is very similar to the 1991 movie Sleeping with the Enemy starring Julia Roberts. Males in the audience were able to enjoy the psychological element and a little bit of action. For the ladies, Josh Duhamel is super cute and funny. He carries the movie and makes you fall in love. Pretty good for another love story by Nicholas Sparks.

Macy’s Support and Save

Celebrate. Support. Save.
in-store only. purchase a red dress pin for $2 and get 20% off*. sale, clearance & select regular-priced purchases. EXTRA 15% off select departments. exclusions apply.
To raise awareness and funds for the fight against heart disease, Macy’s is offering an awesome deal until Valentine’s Day. Purchase this cute pin for $2, and you get 20% off your purchase! Jadapa saved $16 on these little Jessica Simpson beauties.

My Favorite Things: Drugstore Edition


Products I’m loving right now that won’t break the bank.

1. 3% hydrogen peroxide – is there anything this stuff can’t do? I use it primarily as a mouthwash to whiten my teeth. You would never know about my coffee and red wine addiction! The beauty is that peroxide is the main ingredient in those expensive whitening treatments. Just dilute the HP with a bit of water and use everyday as mouthwash. Kills germs, bad breath, and whitens your teeth with no sugar, alcohol, teeth sensitivity, or the heavy price tag! Love this stuff!
— Walmart

2. Pssssst! Instant Dry Shampoo – listen, I’ve tried them all. From the cheap to expensive and nothing has worked better than this one. What I especially like about it is that it goes on clear. I have dark hair, and every other dry shampoo I’ve used leaves my hair looking gray and dull. Also, it doesn’t stink! Which is a common problem I’ve run into. This shampoo absorbs excess oil, eliminates odor, and boosts volume. Great find!
— Ulta

3. Iman Second to None Cover Cream – I’ve just accepted the fact that makeup is just not made for mixed chicks like us. My skin has such a yellow undertone, I almost always have to get my makeup custom blended. Well, imagine my delight when I came across Iman’s makeup line for women of color. Sand medium matches my yellow undertone perfectly. Shock and awe.
— Ulta

4. Garnier Skin Renew Dark Spot Corrector – Another mixed chick issue I deal with: dark spots! Anytime I get a zit, even when it’s fully healed and gone, it leaves a dark spot. This product has a high concentration of Vitamin-C (which breaks up the dark spot) without breaking my budget.
— Walmart

5. SinuCleanse Neti Pot All Natural Nasal Wash System – I really wish I had listened to those hippies when I was in college. I was plagued with sinus infections due to the cold and dry mountain air. Every Winter, like clock work, I’d have to get antibiotics from the health center for my chronic sinus infections. Since I’ve been using the Neti Pot as an adult, not one sinus infection. If I get a hint of a cold or sniffle, I wash my nasal passages ASAP. It’s been working for me. I’ve generally gotten sick less since using the Neti Pot regularly.
— CVS pharmacy

Stay healthy and gorgeous!

Chasing Beauty



Thursday, January 31, 2013, I was invited to attend the movie premiere of Chasing Beauty, a documentary based on the stories of models in pursuit of making it big in the fashion/modeling industry. The movie focuses on the ups and downs that can come with the so-called “glamorous” lifestyle. The movie does a great job of depicting the downside to all of the glitz and glamour of the industry and the unrealistic, and often unhealthy, practices of some of the individuals attempting to be successful in this business. The movie documents well that the industry is not for everyone and that you cannot compensate for an unnatural body. Stay true to yourself and the industry can be extremely rewarding.

A Fashion Fiend and creator Brent Huff’s wife, Shawn Huff

I loved this documentary. It showed both sides of the industry without persecuting it for the decisions, eating disorders, etc. that often come with the people in it. The personal choices that people make in order to succeed or advance at any job are entirely their own. I do not believe the industry should be held accountable for the decisions of others.

The movie was followed by a panel of people in the industry including creator Brent Huff’s wife and active model, Shawn Huff. Shawn answered many questions about shooting the film but mostly stressed that modeling can have its ugly side. You need to have thick skin in order to excel.

The industry has also been taken over by a host of actresses and celebrities. And the digital age is contributing to the immediate gratification that digital editing brings. The industry is changing; hopefully the models can keep up.

Currently Lusting

Pick for Jadapa: Ash Arnelle Biker Jacket

This coat is perfect for Jadapa’s upcoming trip to San Fransico and Seattle. The wide collar is so chic and the shearling-lined inside provides warmth without having to add a bunch of layers.


A Fashion Fiend’s pick: Winchell Moto Boot by Vince Camuto

This boot combines comfort and style. The gold detail is the perfect addition to glam up a laid back outfit. Subtle accents, but they get the job done.


Pick for Mootz: High waisted shorts from Forever 21

Not your nerd pants anymore! Paired with a sick pair of heels and these former 80’s-style piece, you’ll be looking long and stylish. Zippers, belts, and sailor buttons are popular accents with this style of shorts.


How to Stay Healthy during Flu Season

Beach Pose
I have managed to not get sick all flu season while everyone around me has been dropping like flies. My secret to a strong immune system?
The Nutriblast.
My husband and I are suckers for buying things off of TV. It’s a hit or miss (usually miss). Our latest “As Seen on TV” purchase was the NutriBullet, from the makers of the original Magic Bullet. FYI, this is a totally unpaid endorsement. It’s not a blender and not a juicer, but an “express blender and mixer system”. It really does what it claims to do (for the most part): breaks down your fruits and veggies to an almost pure liquid consistency. But unlike a juicer, you still get the benefits from all of the fiber since it’s not removing the pulp. You can also make sauces!
My basic Nutriblast recipe:
50% leafy greens (spinach is my fav)
50% fruit (your choice)
Add boost (I typically use: flax seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds, or almonds)
Fill to the top with water (I use coconut water)
For an added kick to boost your immune system: add a packet of Emergen-C
Bought Cat and Mootz one, and now we all swear by them!
Stay healthy, loves!

Lady Gaga!!!!

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Lady Gaga: Born This Way Ball
I saw Gaga two nights in a row! Front row in DC and again with my good friend, Lynsie, in Phoenix! Fourth time seeing her perform and it’s still phenomenal!

Inauguration 2013

Barack Obama, John Roberts
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MLK memorial
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Last week I had the honor and privilege of attending the inauguration ceremonies of President Obama in Washington DC. I worked on both campaigns (in 2008 from Michigan and in 2012 from Arizona). It was particularly special for me that the inauguration was held on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. It was such a wonderful opportunity, and I am so happy I was able to be part of history!  Also, a HUGE thank you to A Fashion Fiend for styling me for the two official inaugural balls I attended! I received so many compliments!