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Major Blazer

When I got into real estate, I was immediately tempted to dress like the traditional realtors people think of. The blazers, cheesy smile. I thought to myself, this is what people know and will recognize. However the more I tried to tailor the way I looked, the more uncomfortable I became. I got into real estate because of the flexibility, after all, my first priority and job is developing Tay and real estate allowed me to work around her schedule and from home. Never one to conform, I did real estate my way. I wore those blazers but paired them with lacey tops, leather pants, and frayed jeans. I wore knee length skirts with feathered sandals and denim backpack. While I respect the hell out of traditions, I’ve simply never been one to conform based on them. I learned at a young age that did not work for me. The harder I tried to fit into the “norm” the more I bent and twisted myself out of who I really was. Once I accepted myself and focused on that, on my way, my life seemed to quickly and effortlessly fall into place. It’s hard to stay the course, an endless parade of social media and societal pressures nagging at every corner. Honestly though it’s gets easier. Only now in my adulthood(30’s) can I say my educated opinions without questioning how it sounds. Dress comfortably without worrying that I don’t look the part. I finally know who I am and once you have that feeling, you’ll never let any outside influence sway your mind. I try and convey this to Tay as well. I encourage her to be herself in every way; that her uniqueness is special and she should not suppress it. No one does you better than you 🙂

A Fashion Fiend

blazer – LC by Lauren Conrad

denim – Target

mules – Amazon Fashion

bag – Zara

on Tay

dress & boots – Target

cross body bag – Michael Kors

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