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Happy weekend people! With homecoming fast approaching our house has been turned upside down with alterations, mum making, shoe shopping and school spirit. Tay has been all wrapped up in activities, she’s really giving it all she’s got for her Senior year!! Even though we’ve hit the end of September, it’s still upwards of 85 degrees and sunny so Tay is not about to get into her sweaters yet. She’s all about comfort before style. This asymmetrical top was originally intended for a friend’s bday dinner but plans changed so we wore them wandering around one weekend looking for mum decorations after her flu shot. I however live by the quote “no one said looking good didn’t hurt.” LOL. I’ve been saying most of my life because I will sacrifice comfort for style or cute shoes, any day. It kinda happened with this outfit. I wanted to wear layers so I did it. I didn’t let 90 degree weather change my outfit. I’m a Blogger damn it. 🙂 Off the shoulder is my jam and white after Labor Day cuz I’m a rebel.

A Fashion Fiend

jumpsuit – Kissue

top – Target

Target flatforms – similar here and here

on Tay

top (long sleeve style) – Urban Outfitters

denim – American Eagle

sandals – Target


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