How to Stay Healthy during Flu Season

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I have managed to not get sick all flu season while everyone around me has been dropping like flies. My secret to a strong immune system?
The Nutriblast.
My husband and I are suckers for buying things off of TV. It’s a hit or miss (usually miss). Our latest “As Seen on TV” purchase was the NutriBullet, from the makers of the original Magic Bullet. FYI, this is a totally unpaid endorsement. It’s not a blender and not a juicer, but an “express blender and mixer system”. It really does what it claims to do (for the most part): breaks down your fruits and veggies to an almost pure liquid consistency. But unlike a juicer, you still get the benefits from all of the fiber since it’s not removing the pulp. You can also make sauces!
My basic Nutriblast recipe:
50% leafy greens (spinach is my fav)
50% fruit (your choice)
Add boost (I typically use: flax seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds, or almonds)
Fill to the top with water (I use coconut water)
For an added kick to boost your immune system: add a packet of Emergen-C
Bought Cat and Mootz one, and now we all swear by them!
Stay healthy, loves!

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