Teen Style Tuesday- Staying Neutral

I love dressing up for special occasions and especially stepping outside of the “norm”. Brunch this weekend I picked this lace dress in ivory. With all of the brightly colored easter eggs, baskets and formal dress shopping (more on that later), I was burnt out and wanted to keep my outfit in the neutral zone. […]

Teen Style Tuesday-Snowboarding!!

Hello friends!! Great to be back in Houston, I had an extended holiday and went snowboarding in Utah! Always a great time with my cousins but I unfortunately broke my wrist! Eeek! The worst! So I was in a cast for 4 weeks and now I’m in a brace for the next 2. I’ll be […]

Teen Style Tuesday- Gift Guide

Hey friends!!! I can’t believe it’s already the Holiday season. With finals coming up, I started getting my gift list in order and I thought I would share my top picks. And with Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming up, getting these gifts at a great price is going to be easy peasy! For Sisters […]

Teen Style Tuesday- Swimsuits in November

Hey friends! This past weekend was my bestie, Olivia’s birthday and we celebrated poolside! She has a heated pool so we suited up and jumped in! The weather was in the high 70’s with the sun out, which made it not too cold when we hopped from the pool to the jacuzzi. I had such […]

Teen Style Tuesday- I Heart You

Hey guys! Sweater weather has finally rolled into town and I’m loving it! Again because I refuse to be uncomfortable during the school day, this over sized top is so comfy. Its super soft too! I was rubbing my face with the sleeve all day.  My skinny jeans are also a closet go to and […]

Teen Style Tuesday- Blk & Blu

Hey guys!! I hope you all had a super fun Halloween! Since I went all out the weekend prior with my costume, on Halloween night, my friends and I just wore subtle hippie costumes and hit a few houses for candy. Pretty low key but still a blast! So it finally cooled down and I […]