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Before Happiness

Summer is officially over and we are trying like hell to soak up the sunny, lazy days. With school starting soon, and our summer vacation basically a host of college tours, we are looking forward to settling in to Tay’s senior year and working our butts off. Big Daddy and I, of course take on making sure Tay stays on schedule with applications, SAT retakes and extra curriculars.  Its pretty intense. I remember jokingly saying at my High School graduation “I will have a high school graduate when I’m 34.” Jokes on me now cuz I am so stressed with the thought of Tay going off to college. She’s my one and only and I struggle with letting go.

The bulk of the reading I do are usually self help books, honestly not by design but because I usually relate to the titles. And while you’re not supposed to judge a book by it’s cover, I do. So one of my latter readings this summer was Before Happiness by Shawn Achor. Shawn also wrote The Happiness Advantage which I haven’t read yet but Before Happiness resignated with me because it promoted ways to achieve happiness and sustaining positive change. It helps to keep your mind in check and focus on making/keeping yourself a happier person. Very important.

On to the summer threads, its hella hot and humid in this freaking town so we live in shorts and slides. Funny enough, Birkenstocks are back in style which I think is hilarious because as a kid of the 90’s, you know I sported them 🙂 Hello Clueless. I threw on a kimono because we were running errands that day and I usually get chilly in the ac. Top knots are equally essential to keep our thick hair from frizzing out when it’s 99% humidity. Summa, summa, summa time!

A Fashion Fiend

earrings – Bauble Bar

kimono & shorts – Hollister

leotard – VS (old)

slides – PINK

watch – vintage Gucci

on Tay

top – Aerie

shorts – American Eagle


sunnies – five below





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